Snickers Bliss Balls

Snickers Bliss Ball

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What did you create in your kitchen this weekend?

 I have a big sweet tooth  (I asked the Tooth Fairy to take it but that didn’t happen!) that I give into most weekends and today I made a favorite… Snickers Bliss Balls. YUM, just Yum!

So Quick and Easy

This recipe is from Whole Food Simply, they have recipe books for all occasions, so many recipe books it’s hard to decide which one to use 🙂   I love this Snickers Bliss Ball recipe because its ready in a flash and I usually have all the ingredients in my pantry.

It’s hard to wait…

While my little Snickers Bliss Balls are in the fridge, I like to keep myself busy otherwise I sneak some (to check if they are set! hehe) and end up with not many left for the family to fight over. 

They are healthy too…

All of the Whole Food Simply recipes are good for you, packed with healthy stuff and taste great. You can check out some of the recipes here.


Quirky Mummas x




I Love Amazon!

I Love Amazon! Some of my Quirky Picks!

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Oil Diffusers


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I  love Oil Diffusers

Who doesn’t love walking into a room and inhailing the gentle and reassuring smell of essential oils? Sweet, floral, relaxing, uplifting, stimulating, calming….. the list is endless!


Oil Diffusers, so easy!

Do you use an oil diffuser? I love my oil diffuser, so much that I have a few! One in our bedroom, one in our living area and one I move from room to room, usualy in our chill out area. Oil diffusers are neat and tidy and easy to to fit into any decor, so many styles to choose from!! I really  have to stop myself from buying more.


Where to buy an Oil Diffuser

You can find these precious little things in many shops these days. I’m picky and like to have something a bit quirky so I buy mine from because they have a great range to suit every taste and decore, even my quirky taste!! Check out this one that changes color. One of my fav’s is here too.  So many to choose from….


Let’s share!

What does your Oil Diffuser look like? Share some pic’s with me… I’d love to see yours!

Quirky mummas x


New Year Resolutions!…. Do You Have Any??

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Do you keep them? Or are you like me & just get on with the New Year? Or maybe you have good intentions to begin with & it all gets too hard on top of everything else we have to do to start the New Year.

New Year or Same Year?

Just as we are recovering from Christmas, ( so many parties & presents) & enjoying the down time up pop’s New Year. For some people New Year comes along with a cute little pop, just another day…. For others it’s more of a huge BANG! How do you pop into the New Year? If its just another day, same as all the rest, please share how you stay so relaxed and calm, I’m thinking lots of us need to know your tricks!

New Year Bang!

So much to do!! What to wear to the New Year’s Eve party… All the details & organization if your having a party… Being on a family holiday & making sure your getting that much needed ME TIME…..

Entertaining the visiting family, the friends, the bored kids on holidays (still!) and remembering to wish every single person a Happy New Year!

Ready, Set, Go!

Go! Go! Go! Kids to get ready for a New Year at school. Uniforms, books, bags, new classes & maybe new glasses! Routines to reset for morning, afternoon & night. Homework, sport & the list goes on & on….

Maybe you are going back to work after a relaxing holiday over the New Year & have left everything until the last minute due a huge lack of motivation, who doesn’t want to stay laying on the beach sipping cocktails? Have You forgotten or given up your New Year Resolution?!

What New Year Resolution!?

With everything going on at the begining of a New Year, the last thing I want to do is put more pressure on myself to be better at this or that, don’t do this or that, do more of this or that, eat or don’t eat this or that….

I like to work on self improvement slowly & with commitment. How about you? Do you set yourself a New Year Resolution?



I’ts That Time Of Year Again…

I’ts That Time Of Year Again… Detox!

Is it just me, or do you feel like you need to Detox after all the Christmas Cheer? Great food, refreshing drinks, more food, and maybe some more food in between 🙂

Let The Detox Begin!

Christmas is full of Cheer, Color, Good Food, Laughs, Catching Up with Loved Ones, Food, Drinks and Food! Don’t get me wrong I love it all but….. I crave my everyday “normal” food and drinks now. Simple and tasty  meals that are less rich and fancy. Lots of water infused with my favourite fruits.

Detox Can be Simple.

Let’s face it, Detox can be simple and gentle (my fav!) or you can do a major life changing Detox that takes weeks, months and years! Well it can feel like years when you don’t get to have your favorite foods and drink, don’t you agree? I like to incorporate my Detox into my daily routines, what about you?

How Do I Detox?

With lots of water infused with fruit and vegetables! I add things like cucumber, mint, lemon or lime, orange, ginger, just about anything I find in the kitchen! I keep this with me and sip it during the day and before I know it i have enjoyed a liter or more of goodness. When I detox I eat a lite and gentle diet low in sugar and carbs. Mostly fruit and veg with some protein added. I add herbs and make my own dressings to add flavor.

Benefits Of A Detox.

We all know that doing a Detox gives you clear skin and more energy but it can also help you in other ways, yay!! Doing a Detox is a great way to start  better eating patterns as well as eating cleaner foods and drinking more water. I tend to graze (eat all day!) rather than eat 3 solid meals. This helps me stay on track with my clean eating because I snack on nuts, fruits and veg and then i don’t binge on a huge meal filled with sugar and bad stuff!

How Do You Detox?

How do you like to Detox after Christmas? Share your tips, tricks and secrets with me, I would love to know I’m not the only quirky one out there!! 🙂

Fiona x