About Me

Hi, I’m Fiona. I’m a Mum, a wife, a blogger and I work a day job too. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I started blogging as a space for me….  I needed something just for me, so here I am and this is my space 🙂


Here’s a few things about me…

  • My pets are fish… I have 7 goldfish. No they don’t swim around in circles all day, the tank is square 😉
  • I love aromatherapy oils and use them in daily life as much as possible.
  • I’m a barister and I’ve been making people happy with coffee for more years than I can remember!
  • I’m a massage therapist, I meditate and love using  natural therapies.


I would love to share my space with you! You will find all sorts of quirky things here under the headings of Health, Life Balance, Mum Life and Start a Blog in case you want to start your own space/blog.


I hope you enjoy my blog, leave with a smile and visit often 🙂

Fiona x