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What’s Your Why?

The first thing you must do to start your awesome blog is know your “why”.

Having a blog can change and improve your life in so many ways.

Maybe you want to have freedom in your work hours and work when and where you want.

Maybe you want to increase your social circles and become friends with other bloggers.

Maybe you want to start a blog and improve your income or contribute to your family’s finances.

Or maybe like me you want to quit your job and work for yourself, running your own business and have all of those things.

For example you might be a stay at home mum, with kids of any age, who wants to work from home so you can look after your kids, or they have finished school and you have all this time and don’t know what to do with it (lucky you!) or you want to build a new career for yourself before they leave home.

We all have our own reasons for starting a blog.

That’s what is going to keep you going and pushing through the days when you might lack motivation, when you might feel overwhelmed by it all and when some one might say you cant build a blog.

You, my friend, can build a blog and get past any hurdle put in front of you because knowing your “Why” is what will motivate you to get through it. If I can do this, so can you!


Where Do You Start?


Ok, I am going to walk you through the process of starting a blog, hand in hand so you don’t get lost or overwhelmed. If like me, your not very tech minded now, you soon will be, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in a short amount of time.


First Things First

Have you thought about what you want to blog about?

This is called your “niche” It’s the topic or topics you will be writing about and helping others learn about. Maybe you have a few topics you are passionate about and would like to start a lifestyle blog so you can talk about all your passions.

Are you passionate about fitness and well-being and want to help others learn?

Maybe you are great with craft ideas and want to share your talent with others.

Is there something you have a lot of experience or qualifications with and you can teach others how to do it, can you make up your own crochet patterns?


Have you thought of a name for your blog?

Your blog name is your domain name (www.yourblogname.com).

Something that gives people an idea what your blog is about is a good start. Tips for a blog name include not making the name too long, don’t use unusual spelling or a catchy name is good too.

Don’t get stressed if you can’t decide on a blog name because you can even use your own name for your blog (www.yourname.com).

It can be a good idea to have a couple of names for your blog because your first choice could already be taken and not available to use.



Step 1 To Start Your Blog


The first thing we need to do  to start a blog is set up a hosting company. I look at the hosting company as a “landlord”.

A hosting platform is a place to store your files, content, blog posts, videos etc. They “host” your files. This also allows you to own your website and it’s contents.

Now if you want to start a blog as a hobby you can you can use a free hosting platform but if you want to start a blog as a business you need a self hosted platform.

This also allows you to own your website and it’s contents.

I have always used Site Ground as my hosting company.

Site Ground has great tech support that’s available 24/7, they have great “up time” which means your site won’t crash, you have full control of your site and it’s contents and you can fully customize your site.

Site Ground also has a great choice of pricing plans starting at $4.95 per month so you can start a blog now.

You can click on the ad below and go straight to Site Ground now.

This also allows you to own your website and it’s contents.


                                    Web Hosting


Now that your on Site Ground, you can choose your plan.

I suggest getting the “Grow Big” plan because get “unlimited hosting” which means you can start as many websites as you want. Maybe your partner wants to start a blog too, this means they already have a hosting platform to use.



YAY! Now you get to choose your domain name. I look at your domain name as your “address”.

Site Ground will let you know if the name you entered is unavailable. If your chosen name is unavailable just type in another choice.




Now create your account. Fill in the information and then you will go to a “Purchase Information” screen.

Remember the details you enter because you will need them later to log into WordPress.




On the Purchase Information screen make sure the “Domain Registration” box is ticked.

I suggest ticking and getting “Domain Privacy”  and “SG Site Scanner” to stop your site getting hacked and to to keep you safe online.

Now press the “Pay Now” button.





Step 2 To Start Your Blog


This where we set up WordPress. WordPress is where you build your blog. I look at WordPress as your “apartment”.

Tick “Start a new website”

Choose WordPress.  Fill in your “Login details” and press “Confirm”. Now press Confirm Setup.

Now you can press “Proceed to customer area”.

At this point you can go to your website by putting into Google “yourblogname.com/wp-admin”.

This is where you need the details I asked you to save earlier, so you can log into WordPress.


Go on! Log into your new blog!


What you will see now is the back end of your blog. This is where you get to create and edit your blog content.

This also where you get to install your blog’s Theme. Your Theme is what you use and tweak to make it your own. Think of it like decorating your blog.

I suggest starting with a free theme while you learn how to use it. If you want to upgrade to a paid theme you can always do it at a later date.



Step 3 To Start Your Blog


Now I’m going to help you install your theme. I like the free “Lifestyle” theme but your welcome to choose your own if you like something else.

Log into your blog (yourblogname.com/wp-admin).

On the left side menu, click on “Appearance”

Then “Themes”. Above the themes, click on “Add New” button. Then choose your theme and click on “Upload Theme”.

Go to your Files, choose the Lifestyle Theme zip file and click “Install Now”.

Now, at the bottom, click on “Activate”.


That’s it! You have successfully set up your own blog! Go you!

Now you have your very own blog, online and ready to go!


When your ready, (because for some of us that’s enough tech in one hit :)) go to the left side menu to “Appearance” then click on “Customize” and start making your blog look how you want it to.

This is where the fun begins my friends! Have fun exploring and making your blog look just how you like it.

Site Ground has some video tutorials if you would like to check them out too.


Fiona 🙂

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