Time Management Tips For Work From Home Mums

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Time is a funny thing. Don’t you agree?

There is never enough… we can’t replace it… some of us want more… it goes too fast… it goes too slow…

The problem for most of us busy work from home mum’s is time management and how to use the time we have.  Should we be working or spending time with our kids? Should I be doing the laundry or have friends over for a play date? You need to get dinner ready but your in the middle of a great idea for a blog post that you want to write.


How do use the time you have?

We all get the same amount of time in a day and its our choice how to use it.

Some days I want to spend my time in my PJ’s reading my book and doing absolutely nothing, except drinking tea… I really like drinking tea!

Other days I’m so productive it scares even me!

And most days I try to find a balance between doing both. But I always manage to use a good amount of time drinking tea.


Help! I don’t know anything about Time Management…

Most of us work from home mum’s get so caught up trying to do everything that we end up getting nothing done.

Sound familiar? We end up multitasking so much that most things end up unfinished, half done or not even started.

I’m here to help you learn new skills for better time management, cause you got this mumma!

Schedule your time…

Having a schedule has a made a huge difference to my time management. I can easily see how my day is going to be structured, when I’m going to be working, when I’m going to be doing chores and most importantly when I’m going to play.

I schedule almost everything into the days I will be working , even my lunch break. Otherwise I get caught up in writing a great post and forget to eat….. then end up with no time to eat. Bad time management!


Know yourself…

When are you at your most productive? I have always been a morning person, so for me it’s early in the morning, really early, like like 5am early! Maybe your a night owl and are most productive later at night when everyone else is asleep.

Work out when your most productive, slot it into your schedule and go with it. We all know how much of a struggle it is to try and work when your exhausted or unable to focus because your still waking up.



Ok, so some of us like routine and some of us don’t. Like it or not having a routine helps with time management. It doesn’t have to be long routine, just enough that you get your priorities done.

For example the first thing I do when I sit down to work is to check my emails. Then I check some analytics, comments on my posts etc.

Having this routine keeps me in check, gets important stuff done and I don’t sit down at my computer wondering what to do, which means I end up on Facebook or shopping for things I don’t need!

Be focused…

Being focused can mean different things to all of us. Maybe you just need to sit at your computer and nothing distracts you from what your doing, you can stay focused. Or maybe like me, everything will make you loose focus on the job at hand!

If your like me try these tips

  • Turn off email notifacations
  • Put your phone on mute
  • Close the front door so it’s quiet
  • Turn off the TV, radio or music that’s not quiet or calming
  • Let others in the house know your unavailable for the next X amount of time
  • Put a do not disturb sign on your door

Let me know of any other tips you use to stay focused in the comments, I would love to hear them 🙂


Set Goals…

Setting goals is another big one for good time management. It can be as simple as a “To Do” list for that day. I always have a list of things to get done each day, with the most important at the top of the list. I’ve always been a list kinda girl 🙂

I don’t always get everything on the list done, but that’s OK. I know if things on my list are not done by around 2pm they probably won’t get done! So if they are still a priority I move them to my list for the next day.

It’s also a great help to have a monthly “To Do” list when looking at time management. If you know your goal for the month you can then break it down into smaller goals which go on your “To Do” lists.

This in turn keeps you on track to meet your monthly/yearly goals by using good time management.

I love using this planner because it has everything I need, looks happy and is easy to use.


Be organised…

This is a great tool for time management. If your organised your not wasting time doing things that could have been done earlier. Here are some simple ideas to keep you organised and managing your time well.

  • Have your work space free from clutter
  • Make a “To Do” list when your finishing your work, ready for the next scheduled “work” time slot
  • Have all the tools and resources you need at hand
  • Prepare your lunch in the morning if your working during the day
  • Schedule in “research” time so your not using “work” time

The more organised you are the better your time will be managed. I use this desk organizer to keep my notes, lists and bits and pieces tidy and on hand.


How’s your time management as a work at home mum going?

Feel free to let me know any tips or tricks you use for managing your time as a work from home mum, I would love to hear them and probably use them too!

I would love to hear from you about how this post has helped you with your time management 🙂


Fiona 🙂


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